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2022 Tri-Cities Queer Choice Awards

The community has spoken and our winners for this year’s Tri-Cities Queer Choice Awards have been chosen. This survey was brought to you by the Tri-Cities LGBTQIA+ Discord Group, in connection with Tumbleweird, who so kindly agreed to publish the results.

2022 Pride Festival

Thank you for all your support. Did you know Pride Festival is right around the corner? Contact Tri-City Pride Festival for sponsorship and volunteer opportunities!

Winners of the 2022 Queer Choice Awards are listed on the winners page.

We appreciate all of your input and the time you took to help make the Queer Choice Awards a success! Thank you especially to Tumbleweird for helping get the results in front of everyone!

What is “Best of?”

When we asked for the best, we encouraged all our respondents to think about: how inclusive the business is as a whole, how welcome and safe open and out LGBTQIA+ members are when going there, how well they treat their employees, and how well they treat the community in general.

Winners Received

Bragging Rights

A custom press kit with two to three images to share on social media

A shout out in Tumbleweird, the Tri-Cities only alternative magazine.

Why “Queer”?

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There is frequent debate over what should be the most accepted term for gender- and sexual- minorities (now commonly referred to as “GSM”). Queer has always meant strange, different, a little odd.

It is with that spirit we invite all the unique beings in the Tri-Cities – those who feel they don’t belong, those who have had to make their own places of belonging – to celebrate those organizations, businesses, and leaders in the Tri-Cities who help make our town a a place to belong.

Local Resources

Our volunteers have worked hard to combine the local link trees and resource compilations into a one stop shop.

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